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349.99FreeSony PlayStation 4 (PS4)

john lewis - ps4

FreeJohn Lewis

I want one of those - ps4

348.99FreeThe Hut

Now, lets take a closer look at the the new console Sony has released. This time this console packs some serious powerhouse hardware and software. The PlayStation 4  has also got a prettypsonsole4  c

 sleek design. Keeping the all black colour scheme with the slim look. Some of he top of the console has gloss which makes the console shine amongst other Consoles. The controller was also said to give ender users a premium “feel” surprisingly by the by the Xbox box one team. The console is aiming to be the sole source for entertainment in a household. That;s, gaming , TV movies and shows and even music with the launch of its media apps.

At the current price at the time of writing this which is (£349) the PS4 is approximately £100 quid cheaper than the Xbox one which is (£449). The 3rd piece you see on the picture above is next to the controller is the camera. Now this is sold Separately from the actual console and cost about £54.

The console as well as cheaper is more “compact” than the Xbox one at around 6 pounds which weighs the same as two for you Macbook pros stacked up on top of each other. Speaking of macbook pros it is said that the playstaion 4 aims to be a computer for your living room. The specs for this console are beastly. It has an AMD JAGUAR which is a single chip custom processor. 2mb cache, 8gb of memory a 500gb hard drive and much more.

“The controller feels more different than it looks like it would be in the pictures”. Before it was said that the PS3 controller was very unconformable because of its small size and the trigger were to small to “feel right”. Well dont worry people it seems like Sony has listened to people now. The controller is bigger just like the Xbox controller with a little increase in size and weight along with a greater surface area on the left trigger and right trigger button which makes it great for first person shooter games. The charger socket on the PS4 controller is micro usb and not a mini USB anymore. Also did you know that the the PS4 controller has an audio speaker?

Its also said to be that the overall performance of the console has increased. Sony claimed that the performance is overall 10 times greater than that of the PS3. I don’t know about about you but that claim speaks volume for the new console.

Sony has also got inspiration from Microsoft’s previous consoles and has enabled the hard drive to be upgraded by adding a removal hard allowing you to customize your console to suite your gaming needs.The bonus is that doing this WONT void you warranty!

What will be inside the Box?

Well first and foremost you get a power cord which is no where as bulky as the Xbox’s, which allows you keep it in a compact space. A HDMI cable which if you don’t already know is a must for for the ultimate gaming experience. Earphone (for one ear) with microphones and a controller and its charging cord. The good thing is that you can even plug in you own earphone or headphones you already have into the controllers headphone jack which is great!

What is  the user interface like?

I like to describe it as “the user interface that never sleeps”. Reason being is that the dynamic interface action packed with a feed of live information with “What’s New” which shows your friends activity including what games they’re playing and when they streaming live., “TV” and much more. By the time you’ve bought it PlayStation may have already added some extra cool stuff.

The icons is now cleaner and its now much easier to navigate through the user interface. Also the friends limit has increased to 2000 which allows you popular kids to enjoy gaming with “all” of your cool friends. I myself remember having a large friends list.

Compared to the Xbox one user interface which has 3 screens stacked by each other side to side, this one is much simpler.

Once you have downloaded and installed a game to the console it will be displayed on the menu at all time making it it accessible, Since you did buy it! Games can also easily be paused with the PlayStation button where all these features can be accessed.

With the social media now days everything is shared with either friends or colleagues on social networks. To aid this the console allows you to take screenshots, video clips or even stream live game play! which is something the gaming world has been waiting for and its good to know Sony has delivered to the anticipation of the gamers. There’s also a share buttons which allows you to upload to the likes of YouTube and UStream easily.

Friend’s like to talk right? Now just like on the Xbox voice chat now works in groups playing different games. something which the previous Sony console didn’t offer.

The PS4 camera also now has some nice camera features such as face recognition. it allows you to automatically sighn-in with face detection as well as navigate through the user interface using voice control.

If You own the PS vita then  you can play games on your console through remote play. So if your away from the console you can still enjoy playing your games. The screen is not a problem as even the most detail games can be played comfortably without any trouble. The ps vita can also be used as a extra controller and  also if you want by controlling the menus you can do that through the PS4 vita if that not clear from the last sentence.

All in all the console is a gamers must have console. It’s fast sleek and powerful with amazing graphics to allow you to endure your amazing gaming experience.

And lastly below is a review of the ps4 we’ve found which we think would be helpful for you to watch.